My vocal evaluations are designed to quickly put the fun back in your singing—or add it if it’s never been there!

Currently only $45, I will personally tailor a critique of what I think your challenges are, and then give you exercises and techniques that will strengthen those areas.

You can send me a short video, an mp3, an audio snip, or even a whole song of you singing and I will send you back my comments on what I think you need to improve and the exercises to quickly make a difference. Using right brain techniques for singing can dramatically change the sound of your voice and raise your confidence too!

I inherited my gift for distinguishing whats not working and why from my doctor/nurse/musician parents, and I love to help people quickly sound better.

So, send me your voice and I will send you back the techniques and exercises to alter even long-standing bad habits.

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Quick Fix Tool Kit

The Quick Fix Tool Kit has tools to fix every singing challenge!

                Tools for breathing correctly
                Tools for support
                Tools for power
                Tools for high notes
                Tools for pitch
                Tools for vibrato
                Tools for breaks and bridges
                And many more!

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