Quick Fix Tool Kit

The Quick Fix Toolkit is three of my products that feature many of the top healing exercises from the world's best teachers and therapists and new ones from the latest brain science discoveries. The Quick Fix Toolkit can help you…

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Vocal Evaluations

My vocal evaluations are designed to quickly put the fun back in your singing—or add it if it’s never been there!

Currently only $45, I will personally tailor a critique of what I think your challenges are, and then give…

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Vocal Rehab CD's

Male & Female Vocal Rehab Warm-Up CD
VOCAL REHAB: only $11.95 each

    Amazing warm-ups that can soothe swollen or irritated vocal cords quickly, help you sing better if your throat is weak or sore, and re-balance any muscle tension in…

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Warm Up CDs


Male & Female Beginner Warm-UP CD
FOR BEGINNERS: only $11.95 each

  • Learn to inhale correctly
  • Quick Fixes for the exhale
  • How to "support" your voice

And fun exercises to quickly warm-up your "amp" (tongue, lips, jaws, and soft palate)


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Learn to Sing Better Fast! DVD

The “Learn To Sing Better Fast” DVD package includes the DVD and a free take-along guide with 20 tips to win contests and nail auditions!

Created by Jill Jaxx, the Queen of the Quick Fix, these vocal tips can have…

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The Secrets of Right Brain Singing - eBook

This eBook is both inspiring and informational--full of practical tips and exercises to access your right brain--which knows how to sing MUCH better than your left brain.


"We all remember kids in school who sounded terrible when they sang…

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"I'm a Singer" Tees & Tanks


A Learn-To-Sing-Better-Fast and Jill Jaxx EXCLUSIVE! You can’t get these originals anywhere else!


"I'm a Singer...

It's All About Mi Mi Mi!"

Now you can look great while you’re singing great!

Shipping is only $7.00 each within the USA.



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