More Belting Quick Fixes for Rock, Blues, & Pop Singers

A singer just asked me how to be loud when he was singing the Blues.
To sing the blues, you have to be able to “belt”. Belting, sometimes known as “The Twang” or “soft shouting”, is a very specific skill. If you try to sing in chest voice (your speaking voice register) and go too high, your voice will break and you will not hit the note. Here are some tips so that doesn’t happen to you (it just happened to Chris Daughtry on the Star Spangled Banner at the World Series).
1. You must do a NOISELESS inhale and don’t raise your shoulders
(Chris did this bad habit and it cost him)—fill your lower belly up
with air.
2. Raise your cheek muscles by smiling.
3. Don’t let air escape from your nose (check this with your hand in
front of your nose).
4. Keep the sides of your tongue against your upper molars. (Do this
on every vowel—it will take practice but you can do it!
5. Keep your midriff STRONG and your back muscles WIDE the entire
time you’re singing. “Anchor” your torso and pull your lower belly in.

The sound you’re going to make is called putting “twang” in your
tone, and that’s a good thought to keep in mind. It takes time to develope and shouldn’t hurt your vocal cords. It also helps to practice “Meow”, really like a cat, up and down the scales. Use your claws when you do this! *Your hands, shaped in a claw position like a cat scratching). This helps the body get that it’s a downwards and tilting motion with the larynx.

6. Aim the sound at the hard palate–(it may sound too nasal to you, but keep at it!)

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