Performance Workshops


  • Find out secrets to instantly improve your singing and performing
  • Learn techniques the pros use to eliminate stage fright
  • Get individual coaching for your vocal abilities
  • Have an incredible breakthrough in your abililty to convey emotion
  • Increase your self-esteem in a very fun atmosphere!
  • One Time Only Or Six-Week Class-Limited Enrollment

    Performance opportunity in the last class!

    “I specialize in choirs or vocal groups—we do acting exercises, all kinds of fun things to increase the emotional connection to the material and get the group to synchronize and be able to completely inspire and lift their audience or congregation. But I’ve taught whole family groups too, and they inspire each other!”
        —Jill Jaxx

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    Quick Fix Tool Kit

    The Quick Fix Tool Kit has tools to fix every singing challenge!

                    Tools for breathing correctly
                    Tools for support
                    Tools for power
                    Tools for high notes
                    Tools for pitch
                    Tools for vibrato
                    Tools for breaks and bridges
                    And many more!

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