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Dearest Jill, I can’t thank you enough for being there for me! The first thing that comes to mind is that you are a Godsend! I felt so lost and in need of help to prepare for this vocal audition. I couldn’t remember what to do with my voice and how to achieve those high notes in such a short period of time. I was truly challenged. The experience of just working with you and the magic that you were able to create in just an hour session via Skype is just amazing. I am so thankful for you and for the fact that you can share yourself and your talents worldwide…especially with those of us all the way in another timezone! Thank you for being so generous! You taught me in such an encouraging and nurturing way…it was the most supportive feeling and it really touches me to think about that! All I can say is that I am so thankful for you…I am so glad that I found you…and I truly look forward to our future lessons together because now that I have found you there is no way I am losing you! Because of you I stood up with confidence and gave a GREAT audition. I left with my head high instead of feeling those feelings of “I wish I had another chance, I would do or could do better”. I know I sounded great! And with those bands of “light” coming from my hands, I know I touched someone! So thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are truly amazing! Your new NY student, Dierdra” - Dierdra McDowell

— via email

Hi Jill Jaxx,I just received your ebook, The Mind of a Singer, last night and read it again for the second time and will read it again. I think I was a right-brained person trapped in a left-brained world. My mother told me that when I began to write, I would hold the pencil in my left hand and, for some reason, the pencil was always taken out of my left hand and I was instructed to write using my right hand. I was “guided” by teachers, professors, counselors, etc. into a 30-year career path that veered away from any creativity which was part of my core being. As a result, I believe I’ve been severely stifled from the lost usage of my right brain (I even think the right side of my face is partially paralyzed Perhaps all of the negativity surrounding me entering into the right brain has made me feel it’s “wrong” to go there. Your ebook has given me the freedom to feel free again… Hello, again, right brain…we’re gonna have some fun! Thank you.” - Jacquie Bauer

— via email

Hi Jill, Nice to hear from you. My voice is improving in strength and gaining flexibility after following your advice and I want to capitalise on that by having a more structured warm up so I’m looking forward to receiving your cd’s! I follow your uTube posts, they are always so uplifting and interesting, so please keep up the good work! Regards Roger” - Roger Hill

— via email

You saw my faults right away!! One of the major being that I push too much air and you taught me in a few minutes how to change that. Second was support and you taught me exactly how to use the correct support since even support I was doing incorrectly after lessons with other teachers and reading online. Third was how to put finesse into my singing. So my singing has taken a huge turn for the better!! I am now singing with feeling, resonance, and hitting high notes with no tension all of this after one half-hour lesson with you. Thanks so much, Jill! Steve Cheverie Note from Jill: Listen to Steve sing on his MySpace site:” - Stephen Cheverie

— via email

I must tell you that I enjoyed your class immensely! You are an awesome teacher and a lot of fun. I still cannot get over that I actually stood up in a group and sang versus from Evita, acapella! And, felt safe and comfortable doing so – you created that environment!” - Cristina A. Currenti

— via email

I wanted to tell you I used your DVD for several weeks before trying out for a nun in Sound of Music with our J.C. Little Theatre. I got the part, my first musical experience! Thank you so much!” - Betty Waters, 83 years old, Junction City, Kansas
I send to you more than appreciable words of thanks. Your learn-to-sing-better and fast e-news letter has so far worked tremendously in me and I see changes in each step/advice you send. I hope you continue with more tips.” - Stephen
Hello again Jill, Just wanted to tell you that my DVD arrived. It’s wonderful… I have been singing and training in singing for 15 years, and have studied with a few really good teachers, plus read volumes on all sorts of techniques over all those years. I also teach. You are an amazing teacher. I’m telling you this so you will take this as the complement it is. Very, very helpful video. Thanks again.” - Rachel Hammond, Australia
Dear Ms. Jaxx, Thank you very much for your excellent video, Learn to Sing Better Fast. I received it yesterday and I have watched it twice. Your tips have helped me in so many ways already. You have a great way of explaining methods so they are easy to understand and to remember. If you make more instructional videos, please let me know. I’m happy that you considered me one of your students. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. My goal at this point is to sing well enough that my cats don’t leave the room when I go for the high notes! Thank you, again. And thank you for the speedy service. Best of luck with your current movie projects. Sincerely, Karen Killion” - Karen Killion

— via email after purchasing my DVD

Hi, I just want to say this channel has some of the best singing instructional videos online. Very straight forward and I could almost immediately notice my voice sounding a little nicer and easier to sing.” - "TheCauseOfInsanity"

— From YouTube User

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