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You can Take Private Lessons in my LA area studio!

With private lessons, you are provided the full attention of the instructor along with expert guidance and instruction that is carefully focused on developing your voice and getting the richest tone you can from it.


Take Private Lessons!


Take Skype Lessons!

 The immediacy of the Internet and plus my inherited ability to see exactly what tensions are occurring or intuit what thoughts you are thinking, combined with hearing where the challenges are for your voice, makes this an amazing experience and one that will really help your singing quickly!

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Tuesday Night Group Classes

The classes are small, informal, wonderfully supportive
and a great space to have breakthroughs in
your confidence and your self-expression.

Only $20.00 Per Class!

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Performance Workshops

One Time Only or Six Week Class-Limited Enrollment

Performance opportunity in the last class!

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Quick Fix Tool Kit

The Quick Fix Tool Kit has tools to fix every singing challenge!

                Tools for breathing correctly
                Tools for support
                Tools for power
                Tools for high notes
                Tools for pitch
                Tools for vibrato
                Tools for breaks and bridges
                And many more!

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