Private Lessons

Private lessons provide you with the best opportunity to learn how to sing better fast!

Improve your tone, your technique and focus on exactly what you need to do to overcome any improper vocal or singing habits you might have previously developed.

With private lessons, you are provided the full attention of the instructor along with expert guidance and instruction that is carefully focused on developing your voice and getting the richest tone you can from it.

In addition to the personalized attention and guidance of a professional singer and vocal coach, another big advantage of a private lesson with Jill is the learning environment. You are welcomed into her home where she has a space dedicated for teaching vocals. It’s spacious, light, airy and comfortable. It’s isolated from the rest of the house and family with double-paned sliding glass doors so that it’s “safe” for you to sing without any worries that someone unknown might hear you.

There’s no distractions - just you, your teacher and a keyboard needed for the lesson.

Another good thing about Jill’s lessons is that you don’t have to take notes. Why? Because you should be totally focused on learning and doing. In order to make that happen for you, at the end of the lesson you are presented with a recording of the entire lesson on a CD so that you can re-play the lesson over and over again, practicing all the great things that you just learned.

Individualized private lessons are available in 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions for $45, $60, and $80 respectively. All private lessons are booked in advance. Payment is by cash, money order, or check.

If you live in, or will be visiting the Los Angeles area and are interested in arranging for private lessons with Jill, you can contact her through the Contact Page.



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Quick Fix Tool Kit

The Quick Fix Tool Kit has tools to fix every singing challenge!

                Tools for breathing correctly
                Tools for support
                Tools for power
                Tools for high notes
                Tools for pitch
                Tools for vibrato
                Tools for breaks and bridges
                And many more!

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