A Singer's Checklist For Your Purse Or Man Purse

Hi Singers!
Take along another of my Quick Fix Check Lists before you go rock ‘em:

1.Keep your neck long, your knees soft, and your chest out so you can give your heart to the audience!

2.Think DOWN for any high note—your eyes should go down, your yawn muscle goes down, the air should go down into your lower belly—don’t allow any “up” thoughts!

3.If your breath is shallow because you’re a little nervous, inhale for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts and exhale for 4 counts. Do this three times and make little circles with your thumbs and forefingers touching—this will ground you in your body.

4.If you’re still a little uptight, imagine you’re the King or the Queen, you rule, you own the place and all the serfs in it; they’re lucky to even see you let alone hear you, so keep that in mind as you thrill the masses!

5.When you inhale, do a “noiseless” inhale—don’t make any sound as you take a breath. This will do more for your voice than you can imagine—try it!

Happy Singing and remember: “You’re Better Than They Deserve!”–little confidence joke from my fantastic (and famed) choreographer, Alex Plasschaert. (we all miss you, Alex!)

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