The Queen Gets a Quick Fix–& Needed It!

Hi singers! Zappenin’? If you’re on the East Coast I guess it’s all about the weather–also the MidWest. Out here on the Left Coast, we’re not complaining, although we often do!
Thought for the day: The Arc of the Sound.
This saved me the other day, when I was performing. My voice sounded quite horrible to me–really weak on certain notes and I was freaked out by the sound I was producing. I couldn’t seem to get my voice to “come together”, no matter what I did. Now it should be said, I didn’t warm up as much as I usually do, I have had a sinus/allergy/sneezing/sore throat thing for two weeks now, and I didn’t breathe steam or gargle or do any of the things I know will work. Bad singer, bad singer!!
I pulled my lower abs in more, I relaxed my inhale more. Nada. Still sounded the worst I have maybe ever! (OK, I tend to exaggerate, but it was close).
Anyway, it suddenly came to me–a Quick Fix right when I needed it!!! I remembered to visualize the sound coming out in an arc and hitting the back wall of the space–which was a LONG ways away! I was amazed when it SO worked! Immediately I stopped pushing on the low notes and oversinging the high notes. The middle voice was strong and the cords were together on the “weak” notes. WOW!!! I have told many students to do this but never really did it myself in performance. I will be using that Quick Fix again, I’ll tell you!

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