The Secrets of Right Brain Singing - eBook

This eBook is both inspiring and informational--full of practical tips and exercises to access your right brain--which knows how to sing MUCH better than your left brain.


"We all remember kids in school who sounded terrible when they sang, nowhere near the pitch. Maybe we were one of them. Maybe we sing at Karaoke, or in a band, or we would love to be in the talent show at school now.
We are surrounded by the idea that some people are born to sing and if you can’t do it well right away, you just don’t have the talent. And we have all heard Simon Cowell tell people they can’t sing and shouldn’t try.
The idea that people cannot sing is not only false, it’s a biological impossibility.
The human being knew how to sing long before he knew how to talk. Civilizations used songs to teach the next generation. (Parts of the Bible and all of the Torah were all sung and not written down.) Songs actually helped shaped and grow the human mind.
We couldn’t have come this far without music."


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