Learn to Sing Better Fast! DVD

The “Learn To Sing Better Fast” DVD package includes the DVD and a free take-along guide with 20 tips to win contests and nail auditions!

Created by Jill Jaxx, the Queen of the Quick Fix, these vocal tips can have you sounding better than you ever thought possible in just minutes! Learn the secrets and little-known tools used by the best professional singers, for a fraction of the cost of one private lesson. These tips and exercises will not only improve your voice fast, they’re easy to do and exciting to learn!

Thousands of singers have benefited from Jill’s amazing insights and clear instructions on how to improve their performance quickly, earning her the title “Queen of the Quick Fix”. 

“Learn to Sing Better Fast” is your key to exercises and techniques every singer should know. The DVD teaches you quickly and easily. You’ll learn:


  • The correct posture that will optimize your sound instantly.
  • How to inhale--a major key to your sound.
  • How to exhale--no more running out of breath!
  • Support--what it is and what it isn't.
  • Exercises for vocal cord closure--agility is a must for any singer.
  • How to instantly relax muscles you didn't even know were tense. 
  • What your lips aren't doing that can change your voice instantly. 
  • Exercises for the "break" in your voice and how to seamlessly sing all through your range. 
  • Acting secrets that unlock your voice like nothing else can. 
  • And lots more amazing tips and exercises you won't find anywhere else! 





For more than fifteen years, Jill’s wealth of knowledge and performing experience has created breakthroughs for both professionals and beginners alike.

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